SCP-076 Lego Set SCP Lego Figures

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SCP Foundation Lego Sets

Contain the rage of Able with this iconic Lego recreation of legendary Euclid-class humanoid SCP-076 and his indestructible sarcophagus. This 973 piece construction set builds a famed archeological anomaly straight from mysterious Foundation archives.

This set allows builders ages 14 and up to explore the mystery behind a mythic warriorking endlessly resurrecting despite the strictest confinement methods. Display alongside other SCP Lego curiosities or integrate Able’s modular prison into MOC containment site mashups! Expand your anomalous Lego universe.

Recreate and restrain a formidable legend today – history’s most tenacious humanoid refuses to remain buried forever! How long can your custom containment procedures hold against this archetypal unstoppable force?


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