SCP-049 Lego Set SCP Lego Figures SCP Foundation Lego

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SCP-049 toy

SCP-049 is a Euclid class humanoid anomaly that resembles a medieval plague doctor, wearing a long black robe and a beaked white mask. However, these are not clothes – they have fused to its actual body over time.

It is capable of speech and highly intelligent. SCP-049 is obsessed with curing what it calls the “Pestilence”, a mysterious disease only it can sense. It will become hostile and attempt to kill anyone it thinks has the Pestilence by touching them, stopping all biological functions.

After killing victims, SCP-049 performs crude surgeries on the corpses using old medical tools from its bag. This often reanimates victims into mindless SCP-049-2 instances that attack any living humans they encounter. SCP-049 believes it is curing and saving these people from the Pestilence through its surgeries.

In containment, SCP-049 is cooperative with Foundation staff and enjoys conversing. It is given animal corpses to operate on for research. However, SCP-049 killed a staff member, Dr. Hamm, in an outburst after claiming he had the Pestilence. Subsequently it lost many privileges and rights, including further hosts.

So in essence, SCP-049 is an anomalous medieval doctor entity obsessed with curing humanity of an unseen “disease” by turned them into violent undead slaves after killing them via touch. It is highly cunning and dangerous when allowed interaction with people.


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