SCP MTF Nine-Tailed Fox Crossbody Bag

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Size:36cm x 13cm x 32cm Material:Nylon

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SCP Foundation Mobile Task Forces Nine-Tailed Fox MTF Crossbody Bag

Join the SCP Foundation’s elite paranormal rapid response team in style with this durable nylon Nine-Tailed Fox crossbody bag. Featuring a special patch with the iconic Nine-Tailed Fox Task Force emblem, this go-bag has 36cm x 13cm x 32cm dimensions perfect for carrying your field documents, equipment, and handy memes.

The lightweight and rugged nylon material coupled with an adjustable strap allows MTF Epsilon-11 (“Nine-Tailed Fox”) operatives to swiftly and securely transport anomaly containment tools during dimensional incursions. The main zippered compartment and front organizational pocket keep mission-critical gear accessible yet secure.

Whether you’re responding to a containment breach or gearing up to track down escaped Keter or Euclid class objects, this crossover bag has ample space for all your field operation supplies. Ideal for fans to complete their SCP Foundation MTF cosplay or everyday carry. Just watch out for cognitohazards!

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